Online Visa Application Form

To fill in your online application form click here.

If you have completed your visa application form and need to get back to it to modify please click here.

To take a printout of the completed visa application form click here.

You are required to print your visa application form and a barcode sheet which will be generated upon completion of the visa form as part of this process.

You are required to submit the visa application form and barcode sheet along with the supporting documents to the respective Thailand Visa Application Centre in South & North India .Application submitted in South India should contain two application forms signed by the applicants along with original photograph.

We also suggest that you have the following information at hand before you start:

  • Passport for traveling abroad
  • Address in Thailand
  • Details of the inviting person/organization
  • Itinerary

FAQ Visa Application

  • Do I have to use an application form filled online or may I submit a hand written paper application form as before?

    You can also use a hand written paper application form to submit your application.

    Download paper application form

      Download the Thailand Visa Application form

  • Am I allowed to make changes into my application form filled online afterwards or should I make changes with a pen on the paper or do I have to print a new application and a barcode sheet?

    You can make changes into the application form. After making the necessary changes, a new application form with a barcode sheet must be printed.


  • all mandatory fields should be completed
  • print the application form along with the barcode sheet
  • do not forget to sign the application form